Terms of Contract

-          The hostel is not responsible for lost belongings and it is the guest’s responsibility to use the security provided.  All beds come with a locker and we have a luggage storage room available at the reception from 8 am to 11 pm. 
-          In extreme cases the hostel reserves the right to ban guests from the hostel without a refund if they cause severe disturbance to other guests, do not respect the terms stated in this form or damage or disrespect the hostels property.
-          Guests must in all cases respect the quiet time which is after 11 pm and till 8 am.  If guests must enter or leave their dormitory during that period they must do so as quietly as possible and make sure to close doors carefully.
-          Guests can access the luggage room during opening hours.  In case of an emergency you can call 777 5806 and request emergency opening for 5.000 ISK.
-          Please return your key and key card on departure.  If you loose your key or key card or do not return it on departure there is a fee of 500 ISK for each.
Warm regards,
Galaxy Pod Hostel