All pods have:

  • A spring mattress with a memory-foam mattress on top!
  • More privacy than any bunk bed!
  • Two fans for air circulation.
  • Secure locker for small valuables.
  • Electrical plug, charge your phone etc.
  • Reading light and other various light settings.
  • A mirror.
  • A shelf.
  • A curtain for privacy.
  • Smoke detector and fire extinguisher.


We provide all linen, a duval and a pillow and your bed will be made upon your arrival.  


All rooms have secure lockers for luggage and clothes.  We also have a luggage room if the locker isn't big enough.  Each pod has a small locker for valuables.

Wheelchair accessibility

We have two rooms that are accessible for wheelchairs and can receive up to 7 persons in a wheelchair at a time.  The property has an elevator and a wheelchair accessible WC.